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Om (AUM) is the universal vibration,
The supreme soul,
The whole expression of cosmic knowledge. 

Meesh is me.
Hello! Thanks for being here.

Michelle Brandt_About Me_4189-2.jpg
Michelle Brandt (she / her)
Yoga Instructor

Michelle Brandt, or Meesh for short, is a hatha yoga, pranayama & meditation teacher. She is certified in Integral yoga through the intermediate level, as well as restorative and accessible yoga. Working with a wide variety of populations, she has taught for a number of organizations, from city-funded programming for seniors, to workplace wellness at some of New York City’s most reputable cultural institutions.


Drawing inspiration and knowledge from a multidisciplinary background in dance & physical theatre, Michelle is a life-long movement practitioner who aspires to cultivate freedom in physical and collective bodies.

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