Om (AUM) is the universal vibration,
The supreme soul,
The whole expression of cosmic knowledge. 

Meesh is me.
Hello! Thanks for being here.

Michelle Brandt_About Me_4189-2.jpg
Michelle Brandt (she / her)
Yoga Instructor

Michelle, or Meesh for short, is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, certified in Integral level 1, intermediate level 2, therapeutic restorative and accessible yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 2007, and taught movement and dance classes to middle and high school students before moving to New York in 2011.


Michelle studied Droznin movement for actors, an alignment based system, and spent a few decades training in classical ballet, the Cecchetti Method, and modern dance. For Michelle, movement is a powerful form of expression and an opportunity to tell a story through the body.