• Hatha Yoga 

This class can be offered at 90, 60, or 45 minute sessions.

Traditional hatha Integral yoga class, a style brought to the west by Sri Swami Satchidananda. Integral yoga approaches each session as a complete practice, moving from the physical to the subtle body.


Class includes asana (physical poses), a guided deep relaxation, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.

  • Deep Relaxation 

20 - 45 minute class offering. A wonderful stress reduction technique.


Although the practice of “Yoga Nidra” translates as “yogic sleep,” those who will get the most benefits will allow the body to relax deeply into a sleep state while maintaining conscious awareness, keeping the mind awake. Wakefulness is essential in connecting deeply with oneself in the deep relaxation, which is a meditative practice.


Class will begin with gentle physical warms-ups to allow energy to move freely through the body in the rest position during the core portion of the class.

  • Chair Yoga

Gentle and accessible, chair classes are offered at 30 minute sessions.

Learn the tools to take a “mindful break” from your desk or office space.

Practice includes eye stretches, neck and shoulder release, seated sun salutation, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.

  • Private Sessions 

All services listed above can be offered in class or a private setting.

I offer $100 private sessions for students with Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens spaces for practice (apartment space or home yoga studio). Minimum $120 for space accommodation at Integral Yoga Institute and/or outer borough travel.


Private class packages of (5) and (10) are available at a discounted rate when paid upfront. Please inquire about class package rates via email at


Based in New York City

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