Hatha Yoga 

This class can be offered at 90, 60, or 45 minute sessions.

Traditional hatha yoga class addressing both the physical and the subtle body.



Deep Relaxation 

20 - 45 minute class offering. A wonderful stress reduction technique.


Although the practice of “Yoga Nidra” translates as “yogic sleep,” those who will get the most benefits will allow the body to relax deeply into a sleep state while maintaining conscious awareness, keeping the mind awake. Wakefulness is essential in connecting deeply with oneself in the deep relaxation, which is a meditative practice.

Chair Yoga

Gentle and accessible, chair classes are offered at 30 minute sessions.

Learn the tools to take a “mindful break” from your desk or office space.

Practice includes eye stretches, neck and shoulder release, seated sun salutation, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.



Private Sessions 

All services listed above can be offered in class or a private setting.

I offer $60 virtual private sessions

$75 private in-person sessions for students in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens


Private class packages of (5) and (10) are available at a discounted rate when paid upfront. Please inquire about class package rates via email at michelle@ommeesh.com.