Audio File, 90-minute Integral Yoga Class

Audio File, 90-minute Integral Yoga Class

Just shy of 90-minutes, this audio recording will take you through a classical Integral Yoga class. Moving through centering practice, eye movements, chanting, beginner level asana, a 15-minute guided deep relaxation, pranayama breathing practices, and a brief silent meditation. 


I am offering this recording as a donation-based payment option for students who are taking advantage of my virtual yoga sessions. If you'd like to support me in these offerings, you can purchase this audio recording for $10, or use coupon code "yogafor5" to purchase for $5. If you prefer to donate using Venmo, you can select "manual payment" at checkout and find me at @Michelle-Brandt-3 to donate any dollar amount in exchage. Om shanti and thank you for your support.

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